DAY 1 Parallel Paper Presentations
4 July 2012

Online Learning
Student Engagement
10:50 - 12:30

Tree-based comparison for plagiarism detection and automatic marking of programming assignments
Sin-chun Ng, Andrew Kwok-fai Lui and Lai-shan Wong
The Open University of Hong Kong

Using asynchronous online discussion in blended learning environments: supporting three different student learning outcomes
Khe Foon Hew and Wing Sum Cheung
National Institute of Education

Student engagement: meanings, approaches and ideas for educators interested in ICT
K C Li
The Open University of Hong Kong
Fu Lee Wang
Caritas Institute of Higher Education

e-Assessment: a case of student-centred learning
Madeleine Tsoi and Reggie Kwan
Caritas Institute of Higher Education

A report on the online learning experience of students in accounting course
J Lam, R Chan, and K Yan
HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

Engaging students through the use of ICT: the causal mechanisms involved
Kevin W K Chu
The Open University of Hong Kong

Emerging technologies in an RFID library for e-learning
Fan Yang
Chengdu Community University
Fengli Zhang and Jiahao Wang
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

An effective tool to support teaching and learning of modular programming
Fu Lee Wang, Reggie Kwan and Kenneth Wong
Caritas Institute of Higher Education

Creating engaging experiences through a blended media innovation
Mun Fie Tsoi
Marshall Cavendish International Singapore Pte Ltd

The role of IT in enhancing the quality of student support services in open education
Hui Cai
Shenzhen Radio and TV University
Yan Wang
Shenzhen Radio and TV University and
Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd.

An e-learning system for piano instruction
Ruiheng Sun, Ningsheng Ma, Yuening Zhang, Qing Luo and Hui Ye
Tongji University

Diversity in student engagement: how students behave, feel and learn in a distance course
K C Li and Helen H K Lam
The Open University of Hong Kong

Developing the information model of e-textbooks
Wei Fu,Gui-chao Qi and Xiao-qing Gu
East China Normal University

The design and development of a digital intelligent teaching platform based on physical principles
Qing Luo, Hui Ye, Ruiheng Sun and Zuyuan Wang
Tongji University

A virtual experiment and metacognition: an online experiment on measuring acceleration
Yu Lu and Ningsheng Ma
Tongji University

Teaching Experience
3:50 - 5:10

A pilot study on using public cloud to support server-side practical classes
Andrew K Lui, Kelvin K W Lee, Steven S O Choy, Kwun-tat Chan and Ka-chun Chan
The Open University of Hong Kong

Student teachers' perception of the VBL system to enhance technology integration competencies
Ya-fung Chang, Yi-chin Chen and Chia-ling Hsu
Tamkang University

The measurement of learning conceptions in web-searching
Jui Feng
Fo Guang University
Meilun Shih
National Taiwan University
Chia-pin Kao
Southern Taiwan University

An intercultural teaching experience the DAAD-supported summer school in China
Li Zhang
University of Posts and Telecommunications
Ralf Schellhase
University of Applied Sciences
Birgit Franken
Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

Citizenship education via an online peer discussion blended learning approach: lessons learned
Khe Foon Hew and Wing Sum Cheung
National Institute of Education

The design and implementation of a PPT template based on an SMS modem to make peer instruction easy and popular
Ning Xie, Ping Wu, Xiao Zhang, Yu He, Yong Zeng and Xiumei Li
Southwest Jiaotong University

The future classroom a multi-display learning space
Weidong Chen
Suzhou University of Science and Technology
Jing Gao
Suzhou Arts High School

Building a multi-factor decision-making making system to stimulate teachers' internal motivation
Chen Chang-cheng
Nanzhuang Sanzhong, Chancheng District
Foshan, China

Jian Zhao-lin and Wong Mei-yi
Jiaoyu Ju, Chancheng District
Foshan, China

The paper presentation will be conducted in Putonghua.