The design and development of a digital intelligent teaching platform based on physical principles

Qing Luo, Hui Ye, Ruiheng Sun and Zuyuan Wang
Tongji University
Shanghai, China

The development of modern educational technology supports a widening of teaching methods, both theoretically and technically. This paper introduces the preliminary design and development of a digital intelligent platform based on physical principles for teaching engineering product development. Using multimedia and Internet technology, we have designed the platform in the Visual Studio 2008 environment, using C++ as the development language.

First, we explain the purpose of the design, and then illustrate the ways in which it can improve the common teaching modes in traditional courses on engineering and product design. Such a development can display physical principles effectively and provide valuable support for learning. It not only stimulates student interest, but can also facilitate their ability for independent innovation. Overall, the paper is concerned with teaching models, user interaction and ways of solving the problems. So far, we have produced a platform frame and developed some models of physical principles; and we now look forward to applying the mature platform in the teaching of engineering and product design.