An effective tool to support teaching and learning of modular programming

Fu Lee Wang, Reggie Kwan and Kenneth Wong
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
Hong Kong SAR, China

Computer programming is one fundamental skill to cover in a computer science program. A number of computer aided teaching/learning systems have been developed to support effective teaching and learning of computer programming. An electronic submission system, which allows students to submit, compile and test their computer programs, has been developed. Surprisingly, we find the system an effective tool to help students to learn modular programming. It addresses a number of issues in teaching and learning of computer programming. The system allows students to work on individual modules of a programming project at same time. Hence, the software can be developed much faster. It also helps students to develop teamwork skills. Moreover, the system helps students to develop a number of good practices in modular programming. Questionnaire survey and focus group study results show that the system has a number of advantages. The system is highly evaluated by the students.