Emerging technologies in an RFID library for e-learning

Fan Yang
Chengdu Community University
Chengdu, China

Fengli Zhang and Jiahao Wang
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Chengdu, China

This paper gives an overview of existing and proposed library systems that can enhance traditional learning. It considers that emerging technologies can have open and free environments so that learning is not limited to specific environments such as schools. The paper first discusses RFID technology in a library for e-learning; and it then considers the issue of preserving security and privacy in an RFID library. In such a library, we can know exactly where teachers teach and how students learn, and can see if there was sharing of relevant information with others. However, it is necessary to defend against passive and active attacks on RFID systems, and so an RFID distance-bounding protocol for e-learning is surveyed. This topic is presented at a level of detail that is not found elsewhere in the literature.