Student teachers’ perception of the VBL system to enhance technology integration competencies

Ya-fung Chang, Yi-chin Chen and Chia-ling Hsu
Tamkang University

The purpose of this study was to investigate student teachers’ perceptions of the video-based case learning (VBL) system to enhance their technology integration competencies. A self-developed questionnaire was used to gather student teachers’ perceptions regarding the system’s main components and overall benefits. At the end of student teaching, ten participants were invited to complete the questionnaires and follow-up interviews. These results indicate that the VBL system combining video cases, guiding questions and discussion forums was able to promote in-depth thinking about technology integration in instruction. Moreover, student teachers perceived an increase in field observing skills. However, a higher increase in their abilities, willingness, and confidence of using technology in the teaching field did not appear. Furthermore, student teachers expressed a high expectation of video quality and efficient use of the system. Accordingly, recommendations and further research were provided so as to maximize the system’s benefits.