Building a multi-factor decision-making system to stimulate teachers’ internal motivation

Chen Chang-cheng
Nanzhuang Sanzhong, Chancheng District
Foshan, China
Jian Zhao-lin and Wong Mei-yi
Jiaoyu Ju, Chancheng District
Foshan, China

Teachers are the key element affecting teaching quality in China. Stimulating their internal motivation is an important means for enhancing teaching quality, and this issue has attracted considerable attention from educational decision-makers. This paper mainly describes the management practice in No.3 Middle School in Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The school has built a multi-factor decision-making management system, the core of which is a multiple subject teacher assessment system which integrates goal-driven and task-driven methods. It provides an effective way to promote the internal motivation of teachers by using information technology.