e-Assessment: a case of student-centred learning

Madeleine Tsoi and Reggie Kwan
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
Hong Kong SAR, China

There is a growing trend worldwide to adopt a student-centred learning approach as the central pedagogy at both school and university levels. Over the years, many such epithets as self-directed learning, learner-focused learning, autonomous learning, independent learning, collaborative learning, experiential learning, etc. have been used to define the approach and its process. This paper reports on a case of student-centred learning using an online self-regulating and diagnostic assessment system to facilitate students in a sub-degree institute in the HKSAR to undertake self-directed and self-controlled learning in English academic writing skills. It has taken the project team two years to install the system, conduct pilot study and test stringently as well as repeatedly. The system is now in full operation and feedback from the institute’s student population drawn from diverse backgrounds has indicated that the system has indeed fulfilled its mission of providing a practical and convenient means of enabling students to conduct autonomous learning wherever and whenever they wish.