Excellent Paper Award   chi sim

The 2012 Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning will be attended by academics, professional experts and practitioners. As we are receiving notable contributions from international academicians, researchers, professionals and practitioners, we would like to recognize the best contributions to the theme of our conference ‘Engaging Students through Emerging Technologies’.

The following criteria will apply for the ‘ICT 2012 Excellent Paper Award’.

1 Papers should make a significant contribution to the field of ‘Engaging Students through Emerging Technologies’ and should be well written.
2 Papers must be presented at plenary sessions of the ICT Conference.
3 If a paper submitted for consideration for the Excellent Paper Award has been submitted for publication or has been accepted for publication, this must be disclosed when the paper is submitted to the conference organizers or as soon thereafter as possible. 
4 The selection committee for the Excellent Paper Award will consist of a committee of at least three people established by the Conference organizers of ICT. 
5 The award is to encourage quality and remarkable contributions. 

The evaluation criteria consist of originality, innovativeness, and technical strength.

Originality 40%
Innovativeness and technical strength in application of emerging technologies 40%
Presentation 20%
7 To be eligible for consideration for the Excellent Paper Award, papers must be received by the deadline specified by the conference organizer.
8 The winners of the Excellent Paper Award will receive a certificate and/or a plaque.
9 Details of the  winning authors and papers will be published on the ICT website for a year.