eVolution from conventional textbooks to open textbooks: a way out for Hong Kong

K C Li, K S Yuen, Simon K S Cheung and Eva Y M Tsang
The Open University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, China

This paper attempts to first briefly review the difficulties concerning textbooks that Hong Kong faces. Summarising issues into five problems — high and increasing prices, inflexibility in revision, weight, bundling with teachers’ materials, and costly marketing means, it outlines measures the government has been taking to tackle them and concludes that there has been little success in solving the problems. By explaining that Hong Kong is not the only place confronted with this worldwide bugbear, it highlights that, to be free from the constraints of conventional textbooks, we may capitalise on information and communication technology to take us to a new paradigm and that open textbooks are a promising solution to the aforementioned burdens and constraints.