Social network sites and e-learning adoption

Ramón Rufín Moreno
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Cayetano Medina Molina
Centro Andaluz de Estudios Empresariales
Avda Leonardo da Vinci Ed. CEADE

The use of social network sites (SNSs), and the improvements gained from new technologies through e-learning platforms are two of the main topics that are currently discussed in the area of higher education. Both issues converge if what is being considered is the hypothetical effect that SNS use can have on e-learning adoption. Given the fact that there is no general consensus at this point, the present work addresses the moderating role that SNS use could potentially have on e-learning adoption. Our findings suggest that SNS use has a moderating effect on the relationship between the intention to use the platform and its posited antecedents. Furthermore, among these three antecedents only effort expectancy and social influence have a significant effect on the intention to use an e-learning platform.