A mobile application to enhance teaching and learning in classroom environment

Sin-chun Ng, Andrew Kwok-fai Lui and Dennis Siu-fung Tsui
The Open University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR, China

Taking attendance in a large class is not accurate and efficient. The current attendance-taking approach uses up some unnecessary time in a lesson. The administrative work of the quizzes, marking and inputting results are of much heavier workload for lecturers and tutors. As a result, there arises the concern as to whether the efficiency and effectiveness of learning in classes would be affected. This paper presents a mobile application developed for a large class to enhance teaching and learning in a face-to-face environment. The mobile application includes two major tasks – real-time attendance taking and online quiz management. The paper makes use of the mobile phone technique to reduce the time spent on non-academic duties. It is intended to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of face-to-face teaching in a classroom environment.