Design and development of multi-subject item bank in an m-learning system

Hui Ye, Zuyuan Wang, Qing Luo and Yuanyuan Hu
Tongji University
Shanghai, China

As mobile technology changes day-by-day, learning through mobile phones is becoming fashionable and also proves to be feasible. Our research team is working on developing an m-learning system and has recently finished part of the development of a Short Messaging Service (SMS). This paper introduces the design and the development of another part of the m-learning system which is a multi-subject item bank. Bearing in mind the unavoidable weaknesses of the mobile phone, such as the limited capacity of the screen and the complex operations required of users, this research avoids some main shortcomings of the mobile phone and constructs an item bank with choice questions as the main method and combines with the advantages of multidisciplinary, detailed analysis, random sequencing options and mistake collection based on the Browser/Server(B/S) mode.